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Happy Halloween!

Things got a little dicey at assembly today. Luckily, no one was hurt, though Dean Chabon did turn into a zombie! Where have I seen that before?


Matchmakers: A College Prep Love Story

Maybe you missed it last year, when zombies invaded College Prep. Well, this year’s intraterm movie making class tackled a different subject: love (which some would argue is even scarier than zombies!).

Halloween at Prep

We’ve got spirit, yes we do, we’ve got spirit, how bout you?

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Hooray for the Class of 2016

“How is the freshman class?” is a question I’m never sure how to respond to. Sometimes I answer with numbers, because I’m something of a data geek. In that case, I might say that this year’s ninth graders include 46 girls and 41 boys. They come from 38 different middle schools, including 20 students who are the only representatives from their middle schools. Sometimes I might describe the class by their shared passions. Before this school year began, I noted that the Class of 2016 had many very talented athletes, was super smart and curious (even by our standards), and was filled with kind, good-hearted young people. But the person behind the question “How is the freshman class?” is usually asking about their well-being. Now that they are here, I can say that this is a happy, joyous bunch. While it’s true that the novelty of starting high school hasn’t worn off, and there is much hard work yet to be done, I can practically feel the positive energy and excitement from this group. It all started off at the ninth-grade retreat in August. You can see for yourself what a good time they had!

The Spirit is Alive!

Working in admissions, I hear and read all sorts of things about our school. Inevitably, the world outside our wood-shingled ravine has formed some stereotypes about College Prep. The one that is least true and probably bothers me the most is that College Prep lacks spirit and fun. College Prep is full of happy, vibrant young people. Some might go so far as to call this the happiest place on earth!

Every October we celebrate Spirit Week with dress-up days, competitions among the classes, and general goofiness. Witness the two videos below. The first one is a slideshow of all the zany outfits during Spirit week, from dead people, to toga-wearing Romans, to plants, dinosaurs, and more. The second one features a handful of sophomores showing that the Class of 2014 is not to be messed with on the dance floor!

More Intraterm 2011

We covered Intraterm in a recent blog post, but these new videos are too awesome not to share. First up is Hoopla. I dare you not to smile while watching how much fun everyone is having! Next is “Folks and Spokes” about a 170 mile bike trip in California with an unexpected pit stop!

Hurray for Intraterm!

Ask any College Prep student about his or her favorite week of the school year and you’re likely to hear “Intraterm!” joyously mentioned more than any other.

Intraterm consists of special courses, field studies, internships, community service, and trips, offered to students during one week of the school year. The catalog changes every year, but here is sampling of this year’s choices. Trips include Ashland for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Santa Cruz, Belize, the Grand Canyon, the Yucatan, and Iceland! The more than 35 classes include Game Theory, Geology and Field Mapping, Hiking Bay Area History, Screenwriting, Animation, Tutoring Little Guys, Basic Cooking, Introduction to Aerial Dance, Kindergarten Revisited, and Yoga and Art Journaling.

As I walked around campus this week, it seemed something amazing was happening behind every door. Peeking in the auditorium revealed the “What’s All the Hoopla?!” class, in which students made their own hoops (as in hula) and practiced a variety of moves. Further down campus about fifteen students were practicing Parkour. How fun!