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Happy Halloween!

Things got a little dicey at assembly today. Luckily, no one was hurt, though Dean Chabon did turn into a zombie! Where have I seen that before?


An Hour in the Life of College Prep

2:45 pm this Thursday. I’m at my desk, tired of looking at a computer screen, so I grab my camera and start walking around campus. I hear that Ms. Kolluri’s AP Computer Science class is building arduinos! I had never heard of an arduino until this summer, when Ms. Kolluri excitedly told me about all the cool things you can do with them.

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College Prep 2014 Dance Show: BODY/Truth

For those who were unable to attend (or just want to relive the magic of) the fabulous 2014 dance show “BODY/Truth.”

The Spirit is Alive!

Working in admissions, I hear and read all sorts of things about our school. Inevitably, the world outside our wood-shingled ravine has formed some stereotypes about College Prep. The one that is least true and probably bothers me the most is that College Prep lacks spirit and fun. College Prep is full of happy, vibrant young people. Some might go so far as to call this the happiest place on earth!

Every October we celebrate Spirit Week with dress-up days, competitions among the classes, and general goofiness. Witness the two videos below. The first one is a slideshow of all the zany outfits during Spirit week, from dead people, to toga-wearing Romans, to plants, dinosaurs, and more. The second one features a handful of sophomores showing that the Class of 2014 is not to be messed with on the dance floor!

College Prep’s Multicultural Evening

Multicultural Evening is an annual school-wide celebration of the rich diversity of cultures represented within the College Prep community. The event begins with a dinner filled with international delicacies followed by amazing performances by College Prep students and even some brave parents! It is always a highlight of the fall.  Thanks to junior Ben L. who put together the following video of this year’s performances.

The Arts Come Alive at College Prep!

Last week I spent time talking with eighth graders at three East Bay middle schools. I  visit about 20 middle schools in a typical admission season, and in addition to talking about the programs and people at College Prep, I also offer the students some general guidance about the high school application process.

I recommend that each eighth grader visit all of the high schools that he or she is interested in. On a high school visit, observing how the students interact with one another and the faculty, visiting classes, and getting a sense of the physical campus all provide valuable information to evaluate a school. Less scientific and more visceral reactions may also emerge, leading the student to think, “This is the right place for me!” or “This isn’t a great fit for me.”

I recommend visiting classes in subjects near and dear to the applicant’s heart. Whether you have a passion for math, music, literature, history, or dance, see what you love!

This is all a preamble to discussing our arts program. You are forgiven if the Arts are not the first thing you think about when it comes to College Prep. Lots of people know about our amazing academic program, but our offerings in Dance, Drama, Music, and Visual Arts help balance a well-rounded curriculum. If you are an eighth grader with a love for the Arts, be sure to request a visit to one of the fantastic classes and check out a performance or two in the coming months. I hope the video below whets your appetite for the Arts at College Prep!