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Faculty Spotlight: Yea Afolabi, Director of Learning Services

On Friday, I sat down with Yea Afolabi and asked her as many questions as I could in five minutes.

Jonathan Zucker: How long and in what capacity have you worked at College Prep? 
Yea Afolabi: This is my third year as the Director of Learning Services.
Yea Afolabi

Yea Afolabi, Director of Learning Services

JZ: Tell me about your job?Yea: I love that I get to help people for a living. I love that students who are coming in who have problems with anything from time management and organization, to having backpacks that are too heavy, to needing support with writing essays and history papers, can come by my office and always feel welcome to get the help that they need and that there’s absolutely no stigma associated with getting that help and support.

JZ: What’s the goal of the Learning Center?
Yea: The goal of the Learning Center – the actual physical space of the Learning Center – is to provide a space where students can come and either work by themselves at the laptop bar or work collectively with each other on homework. So they can work by themselves, they can work with other people, and we have a little study room. Students go in there and often work on group projects or study for tests together. It has a dry erase wall, so often times the students work out math problems on the wall. We also have a group work table that has a dry erase tabletop so students also do work on the table and leave notes for each other, which is really fun for them. It’s a welcoming, inviting space for people to work on their homework and anything they need support with.

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