An Hour in the Life of College Prep

2:45 pm this Thursday. I’m at my desk, tired of looking at a computer screen, so I grab my camera and start walking around campus. I hear that Ms. Kolluri’s AP Computer Science class is building arduinos! I had never heard of an arduino until this summer, when Ms. Kolluri excitedly told me about all the cool things you can do with them.


The school day ends 15 minutes later, so I head down to see what’s happening in the auditorium. The intermediate and advanced dance students are learning choreography from Spencer Jones, a professional dancer who has been touring with the Broadway cast of Wicked for the past 8 years!

guest choreographer

Once outside the auditorium, I hear the sound of many feet hitting the pavement in unison. The boys’ and girls’ cross country teams are doing sprints from the parking lot to our courtyard. They do this 16 times, which  I learn equals 1.5 miles of sprinting uphill!

cc boys2
cc girls

I head to the gym, where the JV girls’ volleyball team wants to take a silly picture. I oblige.

jv volleyball team photo2

It’s not quite 4 pm when I get back to my office, refreshed by all the positive energy I’ve witnessed. It’s remarkable how much is going on here and how committed our students and faculty are to all of it. Occasionally, during an interview, an applicant will ask me my favorite thing about working at College Prep. Taking an hour to walk around the school, poke my head in classes, talk to students, and see how vibrant everyone is while participating in their various activities reminds me of what a special place this is.

A favorite time of day for me is often the end of the day, when I walk from my office to the parking lot. It’s a special time not because I am going home, but because I will often stop to talk to whoever I come across along that walk through our campus. It might be a parent, a student, or a teacher, but it always reinforces the sense of community at College Prep.





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