College Prep Receives Access Award from A Better Chance

Awards and recognition for College Prep are often met with equal parts pride and indifference within our community. Just this week, we were named the sixth best private school in the country, following similar accolades from Forbes and The Wall Street Journal in recent years. Though the news was greeted mostly with shoulder shrugs, it is always nice to be recognized for the fine work we are doing.

Earlier this week, we received an award that I am unabashedly proud of. A Better Chance honored College Prep with its Access Award. ABC is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Its mission is to “increase the number of well-educated young people of color who are capable of assuming positions of responsibility and leadership in American society.” One of the main ways this mission is realized is through placing students at independent schools like College Prep. We have graduated more than 70 ABC Scholars since we began our partnership many years ago, and have 20 more in our current student body.

Not only do ABC and College Prep provide a great opportunity for the amazingly talented students in the program, but our work with ABC has been instrumental in the larger success of our school. We are grateful to ABC not only for their stellar recruitment efforts, but for the on-going support they provide to their scholars and families through career workshops, retreats, college counseling, and more.

It is the best kind of partnership, one that benefits students, our school, and ABC, and we are very proud to be a leader in these efforts in the Bay Area.



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