Admission Season Begins!

Well, it certainly felt like admission season began in earnest last week, as I visited five middle schools over the course of four days. I spoke with eighth graders at Crowden, Julia Morgan, Pacific Boychoir Academy, Prospect Sierra, and St. Paul’s. I’ll be visiting many more schools in the coming weeks (and am always happy to add more!). These visits were energizing and inspiring. It is wonderful to see the eighth graders at their respective schools, on their own, comfortable turf. The students asked great questions about College Prep and the application process. They were so genuinely appreciative of my time, and the feeling was mutual.

What a delight to see the cyclical process of enrolling a quarter of our school begin anew. It marks a transition of sorts in the focus of my time, from our new ninth graders (Class of 2016) to all the students and families that might join the as-yet undetermined Class of 2017. Given the inspiration that the eighth graders provided me this last week, I thought I would share a video I made to help inspire our own new ninth graders. This was shown at New Student Orientation in August and much of it pertains to current eighth graders, whether they end up at College Prep or elsewhere. Enjoy.


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