College Prep’s Got Talent!

College Prep is known as a school with a lot of intellectual firepower. It is true that our students and teachers possess some of the sharpest, most creative minds around. Yet, there is so much more than intellectual talent at College Prep. From athletes, photographers, musicians, poets, debaters, and more, College Prep students practically ooze talent.

Take for example seniors Leo. G (headed to Wesleyan) and Abby S. (headed to Brown). Leo and Abby designed their own independent songwriting study for the second semester of their senior year, and created the fantastic new band, Chambray & Chambray. Abby writes:

This semester Leo and I worked with music teacher Tina Harrington in an independent study in song writing. Throughout the semester, we met on Thursdays to share and workshop our music from the week. I have been writing music for a few years on my own, but it was a really amazing experience to work with both Tina and Leo and I loved having their input. Leo helped me add percussion and Tina helped with song structure and harmony. At the end of the year we also made recordings of some of the songs and had a concert during lunch. The class was one of my favorite things I have done at College Prep. It was fun and relaxed but we accomplished a lot and I had a great time performing the finished pieces.

You can download five of their songs for free! Below is a video of their end-of-year performance. Great stuff!


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