The Spirit is Alive!

Working in admissions, I hear and read all sorts of things about our school. Inevitably, the world outside our wood-shingled ravine has formed some stereotypes about College Prep. The one that is least true and probably bothers me the most is that College Prep lacks spirit and fun. College Prep is full of happy, vibrant young people. Some might go so far as to call this the happiest place on earth!

Every October we celebrate Spirit Week with dress-up days, competitions among the classes, and general goofiness. Witness the two videos below. The first one is a slideshow of all the zany outfits during Spirit week, from dead people, to toga-wearing Romans, to plants, dinosaurs, and more. The second one features a handful of sophomores showing that the Class of 2014 is not to be messed with on the dance floor!


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