Hurray for Intraterm!

Ask any College Prep student about his or her favorite week of the school year and you’re likely to hear “Intraterm!” joyously mentioned more than any other.

Intraterm consists of special courses, field studies, internships, community service, and trips, offered to students during one week of the school year. The catalog changes every year, but here is sampling of this year’s choices. Trips include Ashland for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Santa Cruz, Belize, the Grand Canyon, the Yucatan, and Iceland! The more than 35 classes include Game Theory, Geology and Field Mapping, Hiking Bay Area History, Screenwriting, Animation, Tutoring Little Guys, Basic Cooking, Introduction to Aerial Dance, Kindergarten Revisited, and Yoga and Art Journaling.

As I walked around campus this week, it seemed something amazing was happening behind every door. Peeking in the auditorium revealed the “What’s All the Hoopla?!” class, in which students made their own hoops (as in hula) and practiced a variety of moves. Further down campus about fifteen students were practicing Parkour. How fun!


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