College Prep Athletics Wins Sportsmanship Award

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? On the heels of the most successful year for College Prep athletic teams in recent history (seven of a possible seventeen league championships were won by the Cougars), the Bay Area Conference – Bay Counties League East has voted College Prep the “Most Outstanding Sportsmanship School” for 2008-2009.This award was voted on by the schools in the BCL – East (Athenian, Bentley, College Prep, Head Royce, Redwood Christian, St. Elizabeth, and Redwood Christian) and was given based on the following criteria:

  • Treating opponents and officials with the respect that is due
  • Taking victory and defeat without undue emotionalism
  • Controlling of tempers on and off the playing field
  • Being positive with officials — supporting their decisions
  • Cooperating with other coaches in promoting good sportsmanship at contests
  • Making the opponents feel welcomed to your facility
  • Fans are hospitable and positive in their support of both home and visiting teams
  • No player or coach ejections throughout the entire school year

Congrats to the athletes, coaches, parents, and fans for this achievement!


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