Freshman Retreat Stars Class Of 2013

We have already documented the retreat program and in particular, the Senior Retreat. This past week, the new ninth graders in the Class of 2013 concluded their orientation by spending a day and night at Walker Creek Ranch in Petaluma. I have attended the Freshman Retreat each of the last five years, and the formula for this retreat is wonderful. Approximately 30 seniors (from the Class of 2010) led the new students in games, trust walks, and other spirited activities.

For the new students, all the months of anticipation between enrollment in March and the start of school in September melts away, as they get to know their new classmates and start to take ownership of College Prep. Though each new class is filled with smart, talented, and kind young people, there is always a shape to the personality of a class, and it usually emerges on the Freshman Retreat.

So, what do I make of the Class of 2013? I am happy to report that this group had natural spirit and positive energy in abundance! They needed no encouragement from the seniors (though they got it anyway!) to jump right in and participate fully in everything. Spirit is the word I kept using to describe the new class after we returned to College Prep. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself!


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